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Why Should We Use a Water Purifier?

As you know, as in many countries of the world, it is getting harder every day to supply clean drinking water in our country.

Increasing environmental pollution day by day, industrialization, pesticides and many other factors cause pollution to pass into the water and decrease of potable water reserves.

Although we acknowledge that drinking and potable water in big cities is treated by all municipalities from all heavy metals and poisonous wastes before being put into the network, the potential contaminants infiltrated into the network during the thousands of kilometers of adventure, floods and infrastructural insufficiencies brought to our homes by our municipalities. it raises serious doubts about the availability of drinking water.

We can easily understand this situation from the visible pollution of the first water when the water ceases and starts to flow again after a while. For the first 5-10 minutes, the water flows cloudy and the smell of rust is noticeably felt. This is just one of the concrete proofs that the water coming to our faucet does not come from a healthy network.

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